Book Review: ‘Learning To Trust’ by Ruth Logan Herne

Everyone needs a little help finding love…

He’s loved and lost before…

But his daughter wants him to try again.

While widower Tug Moyer isn’t looking for a new wife, his eight-year-old daughter is convinced he needs one—and that her social media plea will bring his perfect match. The response is high, but nobody seems quite right for the sheriff…except her teacher, Christa Alero, who insists she isn’t interested. Now their little matchmaker must convince them both to give love a chance.
About Ruth Logan Herne
USA Today bestselling, award-winning author Ruth Logan Herne is the author of over 50 novels and novellas. She loves God, her family, country, coffee, chocolate and dogs, and wishes possums would leave the cat food on the side porch alone. And yet… they don’t. With over two million books in print, Ruthy is living her dream of touching hearts and souls by writing the kind of books she likes to read.

She lives on a pumpkin farm in Western New York where they grow all kinds of cool things for fall from sumptuous squashes and veggies to gorgeous stacking pumpkins. Ruthy’s farm is quickly becoming the place to be every September and October. Ruthy herself is in charge of the kitchen and her very own baked goods, jams and jellies are for sale. The farm gives Ruthy a chance to chat with real people… then turn them into fictional characters during the quiet of mid-winter, so be careful what you say!

She loves chatting with readers through her website blog and hanging with readers and writers in Seekerville… where coffee is always hot, fresh and good! She loves playing in the kitchen, too, with a wonderful group of regionally-inspired inspirational authors at the Yankee Belle Cafe On Goodreads, she’s (yes, you guessed it!) Ruth Logan Herne, and that’s how to find this prolific author on facebook, too!
My Rating: 4 Stars!
Why yearn for riches when good enough is a feast?’

Ruth Logan Herne totally writes from her heart and that heart is surely huge. This book is no exception to her wonderful and precious storytelling ability. When a teacher who moves into this small town in Washington state meets the widowed deputy sheriff with two kids, one in her class, she must remind herself that she has decided to never have a relationship. Past hurts well up in her and she struggles with that decision, especially when said deputy sheriff has a heart that doesn’t give up. Even if he struggles with the past as well, he trusts God to lead him in the right direction.

Ruth Logan Herne is so great at creating the sweetest characters and she does kid characters that make you just want to squeeze their little cheeks! I love them so much. Recommended.

*My thanks to the publisher and author for a copy of this book. The opinion in this review is my own.

Publisher: Love Inspired
Publication Date: April 1, 2020
Find it here:

3 thoughts on “Book Review: ‘Learning To Trust’ by Ruth Logan Herne”

  1. I’ve been wanting to read this book! I usually pop over to the bookstore and buy a Love Inspired book every month but I can’t do that now so I’ve been thinking of, for the first time ever, buying a LI in ebook!


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