Book Review & Giveaway: ‘A Cowboy For Keeps’ (Colorado Cowboys #1) by Jody Hedlund

About The Book

Greta Nilsson’s trip west to save her ailing little sister, Astrid, could not have gone more wrong. First, bandits hold up her stagecoach, stealing all her money. Then, upon arriving in Fairplay, Colorado, she learns the man she was betrothed to as a mail-order bride has died. Homeless, penniless, and jobless, Greta and her sister are worse off than when they started.

Wyatt McQuaid is struggling to get his new ranch up and running and is in town to purchase cattle when the mayor proposes the most unlikely of bargains. He’ll invest in a herd of cattle for Wyatt’s ranch if Wyatt agrees to help the town become more respectable by marrying and starting a family. And the mayor, who has promised to try to help Greta, has just the candidate in mind for Wyatt to marry.

About Jody Hedlund
Jody Hedlund is the author of over thirty historicals for both adults and teens and is the winner of numerous awards including the Christy, Carol, and Christian Book Award.

Jody lives in central Michigan with her husband, five busy children, and five spoiled cats. Although Jody prefers to experience daring and dangerous adventures through her characters rather than in real life, she’s learned that a calm existence is simply not meant to be (at least in this phase of her life!).

When she’s not penning another of her page-turning stories, she loves to spend her time reading, especially when it also involves consuming coffee and chocolate.
My Rating: 5 Stars!

I loved this book and am very excited for this series! Jody Hedlund is great here. When Greta Nilsson’s stagecoach is robbed, she and her little sister are totally destitute. But she is on her way to Fairplay, Colorado to marry a man she has agreed to marry. When she arrives and finds out that her husband-to-be is dead, she is left completely bereft. But then a struggling rancher is persuaded by the mayor to marry her for an investment in a herd of cattle. Wyatt McQuaid doesn’t want to get married but wants his ranch to succeed. So he proposes. Greta has nothing to lose at this point and agrees to marry him.

What follows is a most delightful and precious story as two people who have not had the best life so far learn to care for each other and depend on God to work out their problems. I am so very excited to read more books in this series! Did I mention that already? That’s because I am. I stayed up till nearly 4 am to finish this one. Highly recommended.

My thanks to Bethany House Publishing for a copy of this book via Net Galley. I was not compensated in any way and the opinion in this review is expressly my own.

Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Date: January 5, 2021
Length: 333 pages
Genre: Christian Historical

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Book Review: ‘Active Defense’ (Danger Never Sleeps Book #3) by Lynette Eason

About The Book

As a former field surgeon in Afghanistan, Heather Fontaine is used to life-or-death situations. She just didn’t expect them to follow her home. When she returns from a party to find that someone has broken into her house–and threatened her friends–she assumes it is the stalker who has been following her and creeping her out. She hopes to find safety and peace of mind by leaving the city and hiding out in a small town. But trouble has followed her even there.

Luckily, a stalker isn’t the only one watching Heather. Travis Walker has been secretly watching out for her for weeks. As owner of his own security agency, it’s what he does. Together, Travis and Heather must figure out who wants her dead–and why–before it’s too late.

Bestselling and award-winning author Lynette Eason will have you looking over your shoulder as you dive into this fast-paced, suspense-filled story about losing control and finding something even better.

About Lynette Eason
Award-winning, best-selling author, Lynette Eason writes for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense line and for Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. Her books have hit the CBA and ECPA bestseller lists and have won numerous awards such as the prestigious Carol Award, the Selah, the Daphne, the IRCC award and more. Lynette is married, has two children, and lives in Greenville, SC.
My Rating : 5 Stars!

The title of this series is Danger Never Sleeps and it is certainly appropriate to this book. I was completely captivated during the reading.

Army field surgeon Heather Fontaine has come home from her deployment after a devastating event. Plagued by nightmares and near constant near nervousness, she never imagined that danger would follow her home in the form of a stalker. But someone is after her and may just be targeting her friends as well.

Travis Walker owns a security agency and begins to work with Heather to figure out who wants her gone from this earth. Travis has long admired Heather and has feelings for her and is determined to keep her safe while they work on this together.

Lynette Eason has a definite winner with Active Defense. I was totally drawn in from the very first paragraph. This series is really good! Tight, taut, and intense, this one will ratchet up the heart-pounding excitement suspense fans crave. Highly recommended. I was given a digital copy of this book by Revell Publishing. I received no compensation and the opinion in this review is expressly my own.

Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: January 5, 2021
Genre: Inspirational Romantic Suspense
Length : 313 pages
Amazon Link: Active Defense (Danger Never Sleeps Book #3) – Kindle edition by Eason, Lynette. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

Book Review: ‘The Thief of Blackfriars Lane’ by Michelle Griep

About The Book

There’s Often a Fine Line Between a Criminal and a Saint
Constable Jackson Forge intends to make the world safer, or at least the streets of Victorian London. But that’s Kit Turner’s domain, a swindler who runs a crew that acquires money the old-fashioned way—conning the rich to give to the poor. When a local cab driver goes missing, Jackson is tasked with finding the man, and the only way to do that is by enlisting Kit’s help. If Jackson doesn’t find the cabby, he’ll be fired. If Kit doesn’t help Jackson, he’ll arrest her for thievery. Yet neither of them realize those are the least of their problems.

About Michelle Griep

I hear voices. Loud. Incessant. And very real. Which basically gives me two options: choke back massive amounts of Prozac or write fiction. I’ve been writing since I discovered blank wall space and Crayolas. I seek to glorify God in all that I write–except for that graffiti phase I went through as teenager.

My Rating: 5 Stars!

Get ready for a journey into Victorian London on the streets of Blackfriars Lane. Newly hired constable Jackson Forge discovers a group of swindlers led by Miss Kit Turner–or so he thinks. He gets way more than he bargained for in Kit, though. Way more! When they team up to find a missing cabbie, Jackson learns a lot about the underworkings of this area of London. Things he never even knew existed, but well known to Kit.

I never miss a Michelle Griep novel. Ever. She is a master storyteller and makes every every genre she writes come alive for her readers. I loved these two main characters. Griep molds them into ‘get off the page and come alive’ characters for me every time. Jackson Forge was a hoot as he was guided into the underbelly of Blackfriars Lane by the world-wise Kit Turner, who is so street savvy, she stunned me. I finished in one day! Now I’m sitting here wishing for another Michelle Griep novel. I received this book from Barbour Publishing through Net Galley and was not required to leave a review. All opinions in this review are expressly my own.

Publisher: Barbour
Publication Date: January 1, 2021
Length: 320 pages

Book Review: ‘A Future For His Twins’ by Susanne Dietze

About The Book

Will these children get their greatest wish?

A battle over a building

could lead to a mother for his twins.

Tomás Santos and Faith Latham both want to rent the same building in town, and neither is willing to give up the fight. But Tomás’s young twins want a new mom—and they’re sure Faith’s the perfect fit. Can these little matchmakers inspire Tomás and Faith to put their differences aside and become a family?

From Harlequin Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.

Widow’s Peak Creek

About Susanne Dietze
Susanne Dietze began writing love stories in high school, casting her friends in the starring roles. Today, she’s an award-winning, RWA RITA®-nominated author who’s seen her work on the ECPA, Amazon, and Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller Lists for Inspirational Fiction. Married to a pastor and the mom of two, Susanne lives in California and enjoys fancy-schmancy tea parties, genealogy, the beach, and curling up on the couch with a costume drama. To learn more, visit her website,, and sign up for her newsletter:
My Rating: 4 Stars!

‘He was like a man on the edge of a frozen lake, worried if he stepped out, the ice would crack beneath his feet.’

Widower Tomas Santos moves to Widow’s Peak with his twins to start an outdoor store, only to find next door shop owner Faith Latham wants the same store space for a town museum. Both agree to be nice but fight for the space. As their feelings begin to grow, how can this end well?

Dietze has written a most heartwarming story here. Sometimes fear holds us back when God has much bigger and better plans. And those twins are so doggone adorable! I wanted hugs from them.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and author. I received no compensation and the opinion in this review is entirely my own.

Publisher: Love Inspired
Publication Date: January 1, 2021
Genre: inspirational contemporary

My Top Reads of 2020!

Most folks are doing their Top Ten Reads of 2020. Not me. I have read well over 200 books so far, and there is absolutely no way I can choose only ten books as the top ten! So I’m picking more. I am choosing way more than ten, but I’m going to group them by genre. And even then, I’ve had to agonize over which books to choose. I rarely read a bad book. I’ve read a few duds, but for the most part, they’ve been good books.

Reading is my most favorite thing of all to do, always has been as long as I can remember. My mama used to say, ‘If you’re looking for Susie, she’s somewhere with her nose stuck in a book.’ But she made me that way. She read bible stories and fairy tales to us every night, bought us a Little Golden Book at the grocery store every week, and encouraged reading. She got me my first library card at age 3, got me a subscription both the Weekly Reader and the Weekly Reader Book Club. When I learned to read my first Dick and Jane book, I thought I was the absolute stuff! My dream as a girl was to get locked in the library overnight. All those treasures! All mine for a time! I used to go in the library and just gaze at all the books. Even as an adult.

I don’t remember exactly how I got into the reading/influencing/reviewing thing, but I thank God I did. I will never take this reading gig for granted. I consider it a blessing. God has given me my dream. So now I have to pick favorites for this year. We’ve had a rough 2020, but reading has made it better. I read every chance I get. I am never without a book in some form. After all, you never know when you’re going to have a chance to read a few paragraphs! So, here they are! Maybe some of mine are some of your favorites, too.

Book Review: ‘Timeless Treasure’ by MaryLu Tyndall

About The Book

New from Award-winning author, MaryLu Tyndall, a Time-Slip Novel!

A love story that spans the ages…

A woman with a past searching for pirate treasure
A pious professor seeking worldly recognition
And an historic pirate who brings them together.

The only thing Lexie’s mother left her after her death was a folder full of ancient letters and an old coin. Determined to remove the curse of poverty and crime from her family’s past, Lexie sets off to Charleston, S.C. to find the mythical treasure of Stede Bonnet.

Professor Barret Johnson represents everything Lexie hates. Born to wealth and privilege, Barret’s family are pillars of the community, successful, educated, Christians who never suffered a day in their lives. Yet she has no choice but to allow him to help her decipher the letters.

As the couple read each letter, we are transported into the past where we follow the adventures of Stede Bonnet from his start in Barbados, through each success and failure, and his eventual connection with Blackbeard himself.

Lexie discovers a kindred spirit in her ancestor, Bonnet, and lessons learned from the past soon drift into the present. But someone is after the letters, and soon Barret and Lexie find themselves in grave danger. They must figure out the puzzle Bonnet left them and retrieve the treasure before whoever is after them gets desperate enough to end their lives. 

About MaryLu Tyndall
Award winning and best-selling author, MaryLu Tyndall dreamt of pirates and sea-faring adventures during her childhood days on Florida’s Coast. After obtaining a degree in Math and working as software engineer for 15 years, she decided to test the waters as a writer. With now more than seventeen books published, she makes no excuses for the deeply spiritual themes embedded within her romantic adventures. As a follower of Christ, her stories often reflect her own journey and walk with God. Her hope is that readers will not only be entertained but will be brought closer to the Creator who loves them beyond measure. In a culture that accepts the occult, wizards, zombies, and vampires without batting an eye, MaryLu hopes to show the awesome present and powerful acts of God in a dying world. MaryLu makes her home with her husband, six children, two grandkids, and three cats on the California coast, where her imagination still surges with the sea.

My Rating: 4 Stars!

MaryLu Tyndall once again takes her readers on a good pirate adventure. In part. For this is a time slip novel. She does this one well as she does with all her other books. The tale is based on a real pirate, too, and how his life affects those in the present day. So, settle back and be ready for a grand
adventure on the high seas and the present day!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and author. I received no compensation and the review here is entirely my own opinion.

Book Review: ‘The Dress Shop On King Street’ (Heirloom Secrets) by Ashley Clark

About The Book

Harper Dupree has pinned all her hopes on a future in fashion design. But when it comes crashing down around her, she returns home to Fairhope, Alabama, and to Millie, the woman who first taught her how to sew. As Harper rethinks her own future, long-hidden secrets about Millie’s past are brought to light.

In 1946, Millie Middleton–the daughter of an Italian man and a Black woman–boarded a train and left Charleston to keep half of her heritage hidden. She carried with her two heirloom buttons and the dream of owning a dress store. She never expected to meet a charming train jumper who changed her life forever . . . and led her yet again to a heartbreaking choice about which heritage would define her future.

Now, together, Harper and Millie return to Charleston to find the man who may hold the answers they seek . . . and a chance at the dress shop they’ve both dreamed of. But it’s not until all appears lost that they see the unexpected ways to mend what frayed between the seams

About Ashley Clark
Ashley Clark writes romance with southern grace. She’s dreamed of being a writer ever since the thumbprint-cookie-days of library story hour. Ashley has an M.A. in English and enjoys teaching literature courses as an adjunct. She’s an active member of American Christian Fiction Writers. When she’s not writing, Ashley’s usually busy rescuing stray animals and finding charming new towns.
My Rating: 5 Stars!

It has been my great good fortune to read several wonderful debut novels this year, and one of those is The Dress Shop on King Street.

Ashley Clark has woven together a powerful time slip novel that is just completely mesmerizing. Rich, full, and totally compelling, she breathes life into the characters on these pages as the reader is caught up in their struggles, heartaches, and joys. I was just captivated the entire book. These folks dug deep into my heart. This was a very well written and stunning debut! I am very much looking forward to Clark’s next offering. Highly recommended.

My thanks to Bethany House Publishing for a copy of this book. I received no compensation and the opinion in this review is expressly my own.

Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Date: December 1, 2020
Amazon link:

Book Review: ‘A Daughter For Christmas’ (Triple Creek Cowboys 3) by Stephanie Dees

About The Book

This little girl needs a holiday to remember…

To give her a real Christmas,

they’ll risk a surprising second chance.

Single mom Eve Fallon hopes a real country Christmas will help her young daughter, Alice, to overcome trauma. Widowed rancher Tanner Cole doesn’t believe in much of anything since his own tragic loss. But as his steady patience coaxes Alice out of her shell, Eve works to rekindle his holiday happiness. Together they might be able to heal…and make a family for a lifetime.

From Harlequin Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.

Triple Creek Cowboys

Book 1: The Cowboy’s Twin Surprise

Book 2: The Cowboy’s Unexpected Baby

Book 3: A Daughter for Christmas

About Stephanie Dees
Award-winning author Stephanie Dees lives in small-town Alabama with her family, two spoiled dogs, and a very bossy cat. A Southern girl through and through, she loves sweet tea, SEC football, corn on the cob and air conditioning.

Favorite writing snack: Chex mix with honey-roasted peanuts
Favorite vacation spot: Gulf coast of Florida
Favorite day of the week: Monday (there’s just so much possiblity…)
Favorite thing ever: first coffee in the morning
Favorite rom-com: The Proposal
Favorite family activity: Game night (favorite game: Ticket to Ride)
My Rating: 4 Stars!

This book was just so precious. I love it when I can connect with characters in a book. In fact, that’s one reason I will set a book aside; wooden characters. These were real to me. I felt their emotions. Well written, with a good plot and good characters. And there was a wonderful dog! How much more do you need? I will definitely read more by this author.

Publisher: Love Inspired
Genre: Inspirational
Release: December 2020

Book Review: ‘Night Vision’ (Nighthawk Security, Book 2) by Susan Sleeman

About The Book

A woman on the run with no one to trust…

When a Christmas vacation at a snowy Mt. Hood cabin turns into a home invasion, Jenna Paine will do anything to protect her four-year-old daughter. Even if it means putting Jenna’s own life on the line. Which she must do when the intruder threatens to kill her. She knows the invader will stop at nothing to take her out, and she can’t let him get close or he might harm her daughter too.

She wants to disappear, but she can’t survive on her own.

In fact, Jenna would be dead now it Brendan Byrd of Nighthawk Security hadn’t come to her rescue during the invasion. Former Army Delta Force and county deputy, Brendan doesn’t think twice about offering his agency’s protection services for Jenna and her precious daughter. What he does think twice about is opening his heart to Jenna only to have it broken again. But as the threats escalate, he must hone his vision where she’s concerned, figure out this crafty attackers identity, and in the process, find a way to keep her alive.

About Susan Sleeman
SUSAN SLEEMAN is the bestselling author of over forty romantic suspense novels with more than one million books sold. She writes romantic suspense novels that are clean with inspiring messages of faith. Readers love her series for the well-drawn characters and edge-of-your-seat action. She graduated from the FBI and local police citizen academies, so her research is spot-on and her characters are real.
In addition to writing, Susan also hosts She has lived in nine states but now calls Oregon home. Her husband is a retired church music director, and they have two beautiful daughters, a very special son-in-law, and an adorable grandson.
To learn more about Susan’s books sign up for her monthly email that includes exclusive excerpts, giveaways, and other goodies.

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My Rating: 5 Stars!

‘He really was an amazing man. Strong. Both physically and mentally. A man of honor. Of service to his country. Loyal to his family.’

Here we have book two in Sleeman’s ‘Nighthawk Security’ series and what a wonderful story Brendan’s is . This series features the five Byrd brothers, all former law enforcement and/or military who have no formed an investigative/security agency.

The Byrd family has gone to their mountain cabin for a skiing Christmas holiday. When Brendan is out walking one evening, he hears a woman screaming for dear life. Turns out, that’s exactly what young widow Jenna Paine is doing. Someone has broken into the cabin she won for the weekend on a radio show and is threatening her but she has no idea why. She is so afraid her four year old daughter will hear from her sleeping in the next room.

Both Jenna and Brendan have pasts that seem to haunt them and both are afraid to trust completely anyone else. But they are stuck together now as all the Byrd brothers and a sister tie up to keep Jenna safe. Because she is facing danger from more than one front.

This book was awesome in its suspense, Then again, Susan Sleeman is a master at inspirational romantic suspense. She keeps us guessing and the action never lets up. I was captivated completely. Then she threw in a few surprises that actually had me in tears. I loved every minute and highly recommend this author.

*I thank the publisher for a copy of this book. I received no compensation and the opinion in this review is entirely my own.

Publisher: Edge of Your Seat Books
Publication Date: December 4, 2020
Length: 324 pages
Genre: Inspirational Romantic Suspense
Amazon link: