Praying For Myself

I used to feel so guilty about praying for myself. Seriously. I had several chronic conditions that, while not life threatening, caused a lot of pain when they flared. I’d feel so bad about asking God to help me or take away the pain. I have no idea why I felt that way, but I felt selfish asking Him to help me. Sort of like I had the ‘gimmies.’ Then one day I happened upon this verse and it was like the V8 commercial where the person gets bopped upside the head. I guess God decided I needed a bop upside my head. When I prayed for myself, I honored and brought glory to Him! Let me tell you, that was an eye opener. No longer did I feel guilty asking God to help me. With anything. After all, that’s what He’s there for!

Wisdom From God’s Word

“Like newborn babies, you must crave pure spiritual milk, so that you will grow into a full experience of salvation. Cry out for this nourishment.” (1 Peter 2:2, NLT)

I have read the Bible from cover to cover. I’ve read this passages dozens, if not hundreds, of times. But God is so amazing. It’s so cool how you can read a verse or passage and then go back and read it again at another time and the Holy Spirit just deposits an insight into your heart! I love those times. I love the Word.

When I read this verse not long ago, it just hit me all of a sudden how we should hunger for the Word of God. I’m a mother and I know how a newborn acts. They eat, sleep and dirty their diapers two ways. That’s basically all they know. Well, except for wanting to be held. (smile) All they want when they are hungry is milk. It’s what satisfied and allows them to grow. And when they are hungry, they will not be satisfied until that hunger is satiated. You can stick a pacifier into their mouth and it won’t be but a few seconds till out it pops because they know nothing is coming out of that thing. They want milk and they want it now! They crave it with their entire being. It’s what causes them to thrive. If a baby doesn’t do well at birth and grow, the medical diagnosis is ‘failure to thrive’.

I do not want to be a Christian with a label pasted on me that says ‘failure to thrive’. But that’s exactly what will happen if I don’t stay in God’s Word. It’s our pure spiritual milk. It is what makes us grow, the very thing that matures us as believers. And the thing that hit me when I read this passage the last time was that it says ‘cry out’. When a baby gets hungry, it cries. It can’t communicate any other way. And it will continue to cry until a bottle or breast is put to its mouth. One thing I have noticed with babies is that if their hunger is not met practically immediately, they will begin to cry harder. And harder. Sometimes they will cry so hard, their faces turn red, they begin to shake and quiver all over. They not only WANT that milk, but they NEED it. And folks, that’s the way we should be with God’s Word. It’s one of the ways He speaks to us. It feeds us, spiritually. It touches us in ways no other book can. I read lots of books and none of will ever touch me and grow me as a believer the way God’s Word will.

I have many times read His precious Word with tears streaming down my face because it is so dear to me. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been going through a trial and opened my Bible and right there was the very verse I needed to sustain me. There are so many notes and highlights in my bible, along with dates and how they touched me. I don’t ever want to forget that. When you get in a jam, the Holy Spirit will bring that verse or passage to your remembrance. When you need to know it, He will bring it to you. I know. It’s happened to me numerous times.

I don’t want to be an immature believer, failing to thrive. I cherish God’s Word and I want to grow from it and yes, be chastened from it. Maybe you’ll just hear me crying out for it some day.

Getting Started

I’ve thought about blogging for quite some time, prayed about it, struggled with a name and then shelved it for later. Then I just figured it was time. But, and this is a big but, I am totally untech savvy. So, that being said, it will take me a while to get this up and running the way I want to. So please bear with me.

I love to read; always have. My mama read every night to my little brother and me, Bible stories and fairy tales. I have very fond memories of being snuggled up next to her side as she read to us. My favorite Bible story was Gideon. After that, she bought us a bunch of little story books with 45 rpm records attached. We could listen to books when she wasn’t reading! Kind of like today’s audio books. We were totally transfixed and even to this day, my brother Jeff can recite entire passages from memory. My favorite was Thumbelina.

So now I read almost all the time. I am never without a book. Ever. Whether it’s a physical book, or an e book, I am ready to read at a moment’s notice. I also influence for Christian fiction authors. I count it a super blessing, too, and one I will never take for granted. So expect to see a lot of book reviews and book related posts here.

I also love Jesus with all my heart and my relationship with Him is the most important in my life. I grew up in church; went the first time when I was 10 days old. I had a brief period of rebellion in my late teens but I’ve loved being in church. My mama always drilled into my brother and me the importance of standing up for Jesus. I love my church and my church family. So expect to see spiritual posts.

I also love to cook, so I may share recipes from time to time, too. I have been married over 40 years to Tom and we have a grown and gone daughter, no grandkids. She doesn’t want any and we’re okay with that. We have some honorary ones at church. We have a little dog, too, so I’ll definitely share Sam stories and pics.

When I figure out how all this blogging works, I’ll have a better looking one. So expect better things to come. Thanks for dropping by. Have a blessed day!