My Top Reads of 2020!

Most folks are doing their Top Ten Reads of 2020. Not me. I have read well over 200 books so far, and there is absolutely no way I can choose only ten books as the top ten! So I’m picking more. I am choosing way more than ten, but I’m going to group them by genre. And even then, I’ve had to agonize over which books to choose. I rarely read a bad book. I’ve read a few duds, but for the most part, they’ve been good books.

Reading is my most favorite thing of all to do, always has been as long as I can remember. My mama used to say, ‘If you’re looking for Susie, she’s somewhere with her nose stuck in a book.’ But she made me that way. She read bible stories and fairy tales to us every night, bought us a Little Golden Book at the grocery store every week, and encouraged reading. She got me my first library card at age 3, got me a subscription both the Weekly Reader and the Weekly Reader Book Club. When I learned to read my first Dick and Jane book, I thought I was the absolute stuff! My dream as a girl was to get locked in the library overnight. All those treasures! All mine for a time! I used to go in the library and just gaze at all the books. Even as an adult.

I don’t remember exactly how I got into the reading/influencing/reviewing thing, but I thank God I did. I will never take this reading gig for granted. I consider it a blessing. God has given me my dream. So now I have to pick favorites for this year. We’ve had a rough 2020, but reading has made it better. I read every chance I get. I am never without a book in some form. After all, you never know when you’re going to have a chance to read a few paragraphs! So, here they are! Maybe some of mine are some of your favorites, too.

15 thoughts on “My Top Reads of 2020!”

  1. Great job Susan. I’m trying to whittle mine today!
    So many great books this year. It is terribly hard to choose. I may do multiple lusts, too!
    Happy reading….. here cones 2021 and I have at least a dozen books lined up for January and February already! I’m glad authors are notifying street teams farther ahead!
    Merry Christmas blessings!


      1. I am finding some authors I would like to continue being on street teams, are giving less than a month’s notice. When I(and I’m sure many of you) are now booking into March and April, that results in having to turn down lesser-known authors who could probs use the extra publicity. *Sigh.*


  2. I love the way you’ve organized this list to include “more” than ten, as who can limit it to that anymore? Yet so clearly organized to see books at a glance. I may borrow your idea. If I do, I will credit you. Thanks!!


  3. Susan great job as always! We do have favorite reads together. O need to do mine. I love how you did yours. A very talented lady.


  4. Great selection!! I agree – I couldn’t narrow down mine to ten either!!! I’m still finalzing my list XD
    I also love the graphics you made to display them – looks great!


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