Book Review: ‘What Momma Left Behind’ by Cindy K. Sproles

About The Book

Worie Dressar is 17 years old when influenza and typhoid ravage her Appalachian Mountain community in 1877, leaving behind a growing number of orphaned children with no way to care for themselves. Worie’s mother has been secretly feeding a number of these little ones on Sourwood Mountain. But when she dies suddenly, Worie is left to figure out why and how she was caring for them.

Plagued with two good-for-nothing brothers–one greedy and the other a drunkard–Worie fights to save her home and the orphaned children now in her begrudging care. Along the way, she will discover the beauty of unconditional love and the power of forgiveness as she cares for all of Momma’s children.

Storyteller and popular speaker Cindy K. Sproles pens a tender novel full of sacrifice, heartache, and courage in the face of overwhelming obstacles.

About Cindy Sproles
Cindy Sproles is an author and speaker. She has cofounded and serves as managing editor for SonRise Books and Straight Street Books, imprints of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas/Iron Stream Media. Cindy teaches at Christian Writers Conferences and ladies retreats and ladies conferences across the country. Her devotions are heartfelt and honest. Edgy and inviting. Cindy serves as the executive editor of, a writing mentor, and life-coach.She shares mentoring with best-selling author, Yvonne Lehman at Write Right. Author of four non-fiction books, Cindy’s Fiction debut novel, Mercy’s Rain(Kregel Publishing), was book of the year and her second novel, Liar’s Winter won numerous awards. Cindy’s 3rd Appalachian Novel, Revell Publishing, What Momma Left Behind, releases June 2,2020 She is a contributing author to and and serves as the director of the Asheville Christian Writers Conference. Visit her at or contact her at

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My Rating: 5 Stars!

‘Life ain’t easy in these mountains. When the messes happen, you swallow the ache and do what has to be done.’

When you close the last page of a book weeping, you know you have been blessed and moved greatly.
This is what happened as I finished reading ‘What Momma Left Behind.’

Worie Dressar is 17 in 1877 when typhoid and fever is spreading like wild fire through the Appalachian mountains where she lives. Many children are left orphaned on Sourwood Mountain and Worie’s momma has been feeding them. Then her momma is gone and Worie faces a tough decision. She has two sorry brothers, so if a decision must be made, it has to be hers.

‘Mountain women shoved their feelins over their shoulder and go on. It’s what they do. It was what I would do.’

Cindy Sproles brings Worie to life right before our eyes. Worie Dressar is hard-headed, strong-willed in both mind and body and thinks her way is the only way. She does not suffer fools gladly and is not hesitant to tell them so. She’s also pretty much mad at the world and tosses her words out not even seeing how much they hurt they cause.

Cindy Sproles’ last two novels touched me so deeply that I longed to read another from her, so when I saw this one coming, I was eager to read it. Sproles is the best at bringing the people and ways of Appalachia to life right before our eyes. Every word is a treasure to take into your heart as you read.

‘You know I always tried to do what was right. But hard times calls for hard measures.’

Sproles’ writing is a wonder to read as she gives her characters and their emotions a home in your heart, causing you to keep them there long after finishing the book. And there are wonderful spiritual lessons here too: forgiveness, restoration, grace, just to name a few.

Captivating from start to finish, this book is an absolute must read. It moved me deeply and transported me to those wonderful Appalachian mountains.

* My thanks to Revell Publishing and the author for a copy of this book. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: June 2, 2020
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