New Author Review: P.S. Goodbye by Tari Faris

My Rating: 5 stars!

‘God promises to direct our paths when we submit to Him.  He doesn’t promise to bless any plan we decide on our own to make.  We get that confused sometimes.’

I LOVE discovering a new author!  And I especially love it when I connect with what that new author has written, which happened here in a huge way. 

This book is a prequel in Tari Faris’ new series, Restoring Heritage, Heritage being a very small town in Michigan.  Caroline Williams who has a desire to be a life coach, but is currently managing a small shop bequeathed to her by her grandfather, is thrown for a loop when Grant Quinn shows back up in town.  Caroline has crushed on Grant since the age of 13 and he was her cousin Nate’s best friend.  Caroline believes in plans, plans everything down to the tiniest detail and Grant just doesn’t check off any of her detailed plans for her life.  Enormous attraction is not on her list.  So she just tries to avoid how she feels.

Grant is back in town after leaving the military because of an injury.  His life is in a sort of limbo and he is not exactly sure what he wants.  So, he agrees to help Caroline get her website up and running and reluctantly allows her to be his life coach and find meaning for his life. 

Both Grant and Caroline have serious issues stemming from their hurts in their families, but neither can open their eyes to the plan God has for them.  And unlike our plans, His never fail. 

Tari Faris is a wonderfully fresh new voice in Christian fiction and she has created characters whose personalities jump right off the page and their emotions felt deep in your heart.  I love it when this happens! When I connect with characters this way, my heart smiles. Faris is now on my go-to author list.  I highly recommend this novella.  Which, by the way, was so full and rich it seemed like a full length novel!

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