Book Review: ‘Identity: Classified’

My Rating:  5 Stars!

‘He wasn’t  interested in  finding a wife, and even if he was, he didn’t want another city gal, especially one who rode a Harley, had guns and knives stashed on her person, and owned at attack poodle.’

I had never read this author, but the  book cover looked great and the synopsis sounded even better, so I took a chance on a new author.  My attention was captured from the very beginning and the book got better with each chapter.  Chloe Spencer, former delinquent and now super security specialist witnesses a murder on her webcam when she is monitoring security for a client.  The killer sticks his face in the camera and demands she give him a disc or she is next in line to be killed.  So she runs after assuming an alias.  Chloe is tough and ends up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where she runs into Sheriff Ethan Hoyt, widower with a 6 year old daughter.  But the killer has sent hired goons after her and things begin to accelerate rapidly.  Chloe has to  decide whether or not to stand on her own, as she always has, or trust the sheriff with her past and allow him to help her stay out of danger.

I loved this book!  There is great suspense and great characters.  I am quite pleased when I can be pulled into a character’s persona in a book.  This one was great and with a bit of dry wit, it was just right up my alley.  I look forward to more from this author.

Publisher: Love Inspired

Publication Date: April 1, 2019