‘Living Water To Refresh Your Soul’ by Tracy L. Smoak

About The Book

“I really enjoyed this little devotional book. . . .
The spiritual lesson is valuable to the believer’s walk with Christ.”
~Susan Snodgrass, Christian book reviewer

God is in the details and can be found in even the smallest elements in nature. Just imagine. A flower as intricate as a marigold or a lake reflection of guardian trees—both as mysterious as their Creator. Yet God cares deeply for you, the only creation made in his image.

In this world of shifting sand, we need something beautiful to ground us in the present, and author Tracy L. Smoak brings tranquility with her pictorial devotional Living Water.

If you love nature, this book will refresh your soul. With thirty photographs of inspiring water scenes in Lake County, Florida, you’ll revel at the beauty of God’s design. The affirming Bible verses, prayers, and faith steps will calm and comfort you.

“Tracy L. Smoak, a talented wordsmith and photographer, created a refreshing devotional for those seeking a respite from the noise and chaos of this world. Her original pictures capture the beauty of God’s creations and bring joy to the weary soul.”
~Robin Revis Pyke, author of Your Identity in Christ: Who You Are and Whose You Are

As a licensed English instructor with a master’s in Education, my passion is connecting people with God, particularly when they face challenging times.
In addition to writing, my adventures include racing horses in orange groves, teaching men in a maximum-security prison, and sharing Bible stories inside a ger in Outer Mongolia.
I love flower gardening and eating chocolate. Please check out the blog devotions to comfort and challenge you with Bible passages relevant to what you need today.”
4 Stars!
I really enjoyed this little devotion book. Each devotion consists of a verse or two of scripture, a precious and most approproate prayer and a Faith Step.
This last one is a great way to keep the devotion fresh in your mind and help you accomplish the goal of the devotion. Then there is a beautiful photo that pertains to the devotion in some way.
This is not a deep and long devotion. Let me take back that ‘deep’ part. One sentence, one word of Scripture, can be deep spiritually. God can move mightily in just one word. This is not a long devotional. It can easily be done in a minute or two, not counting the time you will want to take to ponder it. And it is a good thing to ponder on this throughout the day. The spiritual lesson is a great one, too, and very valuable to the believer’s walk with Christ.
My thanks to the author for a copy of this book. The opinion here is entirely my own.


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