Book Review: ‘Let It Be Me’ (Misty River 2) by Becky Wade

About The Book

The one woman he wants is the one he cannot have.

Former foster kid Sebastian Grant has leveraged his intelligence and hard work to become a pediatric heart surgeon. But not even his career success can erase the void he’s tried so hard to fill. Then he meets high school teacher Leah Montgomery and his fast-spinning world comes to a sudden stop. He falls hard, only to make a devastating discovery–Leah is the woman his best friend set his heart on months before.

Leah’s a math prodigy who’s only ever had one big dream–to earn her PhD. Raising her little brother put that dream on hold. Now that her brother will soon be college bound, she’s not going to let anything stand in her way. Especially romance . . . which is far less dependable than algebra.

When Leah receives surprising results from the DNA test she submitted to a genealogy site, she solicits Sebastian’s help. Together, they comb through hospital records to uncover the secrets of her history. The more powerfully they’re drawn to each other, the more strongly Sebastian must resist, and the more Leah must admit that some things in life–like love–can’t be explained with numbers

About Becky Wade

Becky is the Carol and Christy award winning author of swoon-worthy contemporary inspirational romances.

She loves to connect with readers via her web site at, via her Facebook author page at, or via Instagram at http://www.Instagram/BeckyWadeWriter

During her childhood in California, Becky frequently produced homemade plays starring her sisters, friends, and cousins. These plays almost always featured a heroine, a prince, and a love story with a happy ending. She’s been a fan of all things romantic ever since!

Becky lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband and three children. You’ll find her power-walking her neighborhood while dictating scenes, reading, chatting with friends on Voxer, planning her next trip, watching TV with her Cavalier spaniels on her lap, or rummaging in her pantry for chocolate.

My Rating: 5 Stars!

‘The safest course was to depend on himself. So why had he strayed from that?’

Every so often I read a book that just resonates so loudly in my heart that I have a difficult time sitting down to compose a review adequate enough to do the book justice. This was that book. Becky Wade absolutely never fails to pull me deep down into her stories. The characters she creates are not just people walking across a page in a book. No, not by a long shot. They are people slipping inside my head and heart and taking up residence there.

Wade takes us back to Misty River for the second in her series and tells us Sebastian and Leah’s story. And what a delicious story it is. An extremely guarded pediatric heart surgeon with enough hurts to cause him to never feel much emotion finally finds the woman who came to his rescue when he had a car accident in the closing pages of last book. Leah Montgomery is a math prodigy, math genius, math teacher who is absolutely no nonsense. She doesn’t believe in romance, either. She is too busy raising her teenage brother and trying to figure out the issues involved in a recent DNA test to engage in a relationship with Sebastian Grant.

Once again, Becky Wade proves she is indeed incredibly masterful at plumbing the absolute depths of the human heart. I wanted to read to the end but hated to finish it because I knew I’d feel bereft because it ended. Wade gets inside these characters and then pulls everything out of them in a way that leaves her readers gasping at the realness of it all. Every single word in a Becky Wade book is a treasure.

‘God, her spirit howled, where are you?’

As always, Wade is not one bit shy of proclaiming Christ in her books. That’s one thing I love about her. She puts Him first. God’s goodness shines through every page. The spiritual theme of this one was powerful and ministered to a situation in my own life. I can highly recommend this one. Bravo! Well done!

My thanks to Bethany House Publishing and the author for a copy of this book. I received no compensation and the opinion in this review is expressly my own,

Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Date: May 4, 2021
Length: 384 pages
Genre: Inspirational romance.
Buy link: Let It Be Me (Misty River Romance, A Book #2) – Kindle edition by Wade, Becky. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

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