Book Review: ‘Everything Behind Us’ (A Murphy Brothers Story Book 3) by Jennifer Rodewald

About The Book

Neither wants to relive the past, but they need each other to face the future.

Connor Murphy lives by a code of honor and service. Dignified, duty-bound, and responsible, he’s spent the past eight years as a single enlisted airman, determined never to mess up another person’s life the way he did Sadie’s. As long as he follows orders, does his job well, and avoids romantic entanglements, he’ll do just fine. Of course, that last part was easier before Sadie rolled back into town.

Sadie Allen never intended to return to Sugar Pine—her hometown hosts too much regret—but she can’t face her health crisis alone. Not with a four-year-old depending on her. Even so, Connor Murphy’s proposal of a marriage of convenience wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. She can’t fault his reasoning—her prognosis is grim and her son could use a father—but her heart aches at the thought of a marriage without romance. Especially to the one man she’s never gotten over.

The day-to-day challenges of Sadie’s illness are enough to strain the strongest relationships, let alone one hastily conceived in the shadow of past mistakes. Will the pressure be too much for their marriage to withstand, or will they allow God to forge something beautiful through their pain?

Everything Behind Us, Book 21 in The Potter’s House Books Series (Two), is an uplifting and inspiring story of hope, redemption and second chances. It is also book three in Jennifer Rodewald’s Murphy Brother Stories (book One is Always You). Grab your copy and be encouraged today.

Murphy Brothers Stories:

Always You
In Spite of Ourselves
Everything Behind Us
This Life (Coming in March 2021)

About Jennifer Rodewald

Jennifer Rodewald/J. Rodes lives on the wide plains somewhere near the middle of Nowhere. A coffee addict, pickleball enthusiast, and storyteller, she also wears the hats of mom, teacher, and friend. Mostly, she loves Jesus and wants to see others fall in love with Him too.

She would love to hear from you! Please visit her at or at

My Rating: 5 Stars!

‘Lord, help.’

Jennifer Rodewald writes good books. I am a forever fan. She somehow manages to pull such depth of emotion from the characters in her books that it astounds me.

Here, in her Murphy Brothers, book three, we find Connor’s story. Along with Sadie, who has lived some pretty rough years. Now she is back in town, along with her four year old son and a devastating diagnosis.

Connor has prayed for Sadie for years and now feels a divine pull to marry her, even though neither loves the other. Watching this most honorable man, whose life is all about obedience to God, sacrifice what could be his entire life’s happiness, to marry a woman and give his life to take care of her and her son, was one of the most wonderful things ever. Connor Murphy’s heart is sacrificial and precious in the extreme to watch. And seeing how God rewards those who serve Him was incredibly moving. Well done! Highly recommended.

My thanks to the publisher and author for a digital copy of this book. I received no compensation and the opinion in this review is entirely my own.

Publisher: Rooted Publishing
Publication Date: January 12, 2021
Length: 171 pages

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