Book Review: ‘Extinction Island’ (Jurassic Judgment Book 1) by Janice Boekhoff

About The Book

Dangerous Convicts. Deadly Dinosaurs. The secret encoded in her DNA lies between them …

Dedicated reptile expert Oakley Laveau loves the thrill of wrestling a ’gator. But her dream job at the swamp tour slips away when she’s charged with a crime she doesn’t remember: her best friend’s murder. Sentenced to life on a secluded isle, she’ll have to battle violent criminals and genetically modified dinosaurs to uncover the truth.

As soon as she steps on the island, she’s swept up by the charming leader of a gang of convicts and his dubious offer of protection. But it’s hard to heed his warnings when somewhere in the dino-infested rainforest hides a witness who knows the shocking facts behind Oakley’s amnesia.

Hunted by humans and beasts, can Oakley expose the truth before she meets a bloody end?

Extinction Island is the first book in the suspenseful Jurassic Judgment sci-fi series. If you like fearless heroines, action-packed adventures, and a touch of romance, then you’ll love Janice Boekhoff’s thrilling novel.

About Janice Boekhoff
Blessed with an insatiable curiosity and a low tolerance for boredom, award-winning author Janice Boekhoff (pronounced Beau-cough) has worked more than twenty jobs ranging from Loan Consultant (important, but mortgage paperwork makes her sleepy) to Landfill Environmentalist (literally her smelliest job) to Research Geologist (the job that gave her the best tan and the most adventures).

She began writing as a way to express all of the unique ideas colliding in her head. A Midwest native, she now writes from Eastern Iowa where she lives with her hubby, three basketball-loving kids, and one adorable Vizsla (that’s a dog in case you weren’t sure.)
My Rating: 5 Stars!

An author friend recommended this book and I preordered it. Mainly because the preorder price was only .99. Hey, gotta be honest. So it showed up on my kindle and I opened it last night. Stayed up far too late reading it, but couldn’t stop! It was incredibly exciting even from the opening. The premise of sending death row prisoners to an island of genetically changed dinosaurs was just enough to pull me in. Danger is absolutely everywhere, especially when said prisoner is a woman. Wow! This is a super fast and exciting roller coaster ride. Total adrenaline laced excitement.

I just warn you: there is a huge cliffhanger because it’s part of a series. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next book. Awesome adventure.

Publisher: Lost Canyon Press
Publication Date: September 20,2020
Buy Link:

1 thought on “Book Review: ‘Extinction Island’ (Jurassic Judgment Book 1) by Janice Boekhoff”

  1. What an intriguing cover and premise! And your review makes me want to read this book. But, gotta be honest, I HATE cliffhangers. Seriously do not like them so I appreciate you telling me that. I’d rather wait until I can read the whole series at once. 😉


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