Book Review: ‘Dinner With a Prince’ (The Princes of New Sargasso Book 1) by Carol Moncado

About The Book:

He doesn’t want to be king.
She doesn’t want to be a princess.
He doesn’t have a choice.
She does.

Princes of New Sargasso
Book 1

Prince Gideon of New Sargasso is used to people deferring to him.

He’s even had supermodels offer to have his babies – quite a sacrifice for someone who makes their living in bikinis.

So when he walks into a local Aussie-inspired café to find Karsen Robertson laughing to the point
of tears at the idea, he’s a little shocked.

Then she makes him pay for his food.

No one does that.

But nothing and no one has intrigued him quite like the blue-eyed beauty who has nothing but
snark for him.

Of course he’s going to ask her out.

And, if he can keep the paparazzi and tabloids away long enough, finagle a way to make her a

But if she’s not sure about the princess thing, how would she feel about one day becoming

First dinner with a prince.

Then a crown.

If she doesn’t run screaming first.

About Carol Moncado
When she’s not writing about her imaginary friends, USA Today Bestselling Author Carol Moncado prefers binge watching pretty much anything to working out. She believes peanut butter M&Ms are the perfect food and Dr. Pepper should come in an IV. When not hanging out with her hubby, four kids, and two dogs who weigh less than most hard cover books, she’s probably reading in her Southwest Missouri home.

Summers find her at the local aquatic center with her four fish, er, kids. Fall finds her doing the band mom thing. Winters find her snuggled into a blanket in front of a fire with the dogs. Spring finds her sneezing and recovering from the rest of the year.

She used to teach American Government at a community college, but her indie career, with nearly two dozen titles released in the first 2.5 years, has allowed her to write full time. She’s a founding member and former President of MozArks ACFW, blogger at InspyRomance, and is represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of the Steve Laube Agency.

My Rating: 4 Stars!

Carol Moncado has certainly made a name creating these wonderful royalty stories. I know she has so many I can barely keep up! They are so fun to read and see how Moncado has all these royal families in her head and puts down for us to enjoy. I love them and this one was especially good. I can’t wait for more!

My thanks to the author for a copy of this book. My review is my own.

Publisher: CANDID Publications
Publication Date: August 11, 2020

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