Author Interview, Book Giveaway & Review: ‘Hope’s Highest Mountain’ (Heirs of Montana #1) by Misty Beller

I am so very excited to feature Misty Beller and her latest book on my blog today!  Misty and I recently met up at the tiny library in our small hometown for a photo and she signed my book!  Sit back and enjoy my interview with Misty and hang around for instructions on how you can win a copy of Hope’s Highest Mountain, signed by Misty!

  1. How did you decide to write in this genre?

I tend to be a bit of a sentimentalist, so Historical Romance is perfect for me! My favorite period is between 1800 – 1880, when the frontier days were really ramping up. I love the simpler life, where there’s no rat race. Just hard work, plenty of alone time (can you tell I’m an introvert?), and a strong family unit. My stories usual center around horses and mountains, which comes from my love for animals and being outside. I was completely horse crazy growing up, and actually trained and showed horses professionally for a couple years after high school.

  • When did you know you wanted to write Christian fiction?

All my life, I’ve been a true book lover. Give me a good novel, and you probably won’t see me again until it’s finished. I’ve also always enjoyed writing, and tend to express myself best through my written correspondence. In high school, I had a poem published in a commercial poetry compilation book.

But I never seriously thought about writing a novel, until about seven years ago. I was putting together my bucket list, and realized that I really did want to write a novel. So, “Write a novel that’s published” made it near the top!

3. Were you a reader as a child?

Yes! I was either reading or riding horses when I was a kid. I remember many times when my mom would tell me to put down the book and go outside. Then my older brother and I would go ride the horses over my grandparents’ farm.

  • You and I live in the same small town. I’ve been here my whole life. How long have you lived here?

I’ve lived here my whole life, too! I was homeschooled, and we spent SO MANY hours at our little library. The librarians became some of our good family friends. In fact, I’m so grateful to Ms. Margie, the sweet librarian who first introduced me to you, Susan! Ms. Margie passed away last year, and it was amazing to see how many lives she touched through her work at the library.

  • How do you find the time to write being the mother of small children?

I’m still not sure! We have four sweet kiddos, ages twelve years through three months. I’m still trying to figure out how to get things done with our new little Matthew in the house. I couldn’t do it without help from family!

  • How do book ideas come to you?

The characters usually come first. Many of my books are set in the Rocky Mountains, so sometimes I’ll get an idea of a character in a particular setting, then I’ll start brainstorming their background and what made them who they turn out to be in the story. Sometimes I’ll read a magazine article or book that creates a snapshot in my mind of what their personality is like. Then comes more brainstorming!

7. What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

The theme of hope was important to me as I wrote this story. As Hope’s Highest Mountain starts, Ingrid and Micah were both in the depths of hard times in their lives. Micah’s was a self-imposed penance as he grieved the loss of his wife and daughter and the part he played in their deaths. For Ingrid, she’d just lost her father in a tragic wagon accident, and had no idea what her life should look like moving forward. Through the story, both of them realized that though life would be different in the future, there was hope that the new life God had planned for them could be even better. They never would have found the better, though, if they hadn’t gone through the hard times. 😊

Author Bio:

Misty M. Beller is a USA Today bestselling author of romantic mountain stories, set on the 1800s frontier and woven with the truth of God’s love.

She was raised on a farm in South Carolina, so her Southern roots run deep. Growing up, her family was close, and they continue to keep that priority today. Her husband and daughters now add another dimension to her life, keeping her both grounded and crazy.

God has placed a desire in Misty’s heart to combine her love for Christian fiction and the simpler ranch life, writing historical novels that display God’s abundant love through the twists and turns in the lives of her characters. 

She loves to connect at her website, FacebookGoodreadsTwitter, BookBub, and Pinterest

About The Book:

On her way to deliver vaccines to a mining town in the Montana Territory, Ingrid Chastain never anticipated a terrible accident would leave her alone and badly injured in the wilderness. When rescue comes in the form of a mysterious mountain man, she’s hesitant to trust him, but the journey ahead will change their lives more than they could have known.

My Rating: 5 Stars!

‘I learned long ago trusting God to help never makes things better. It only makes me weaker.’

Micah Bradley has lived alone in the Montana wilderness for 5 years now, ever since smallpox took his wife and daughter. He couldn’t save them although he was a doctor. He comes across a wagon accident and finds all dead but one woman, who has a broken femur. He does all he can to save her, but when she asks him to transport the smallpox vaccines her doctor father was taking to a nearby fort, he balks. How could God want him to do such a thing after the loss he’s suffered from this disease? He’s willing to take the woman to the fort a few weeks’ journey away, but this favor she’s asked? He is not willing to even think about it. Ingrid Chastain endures horrible pain after Micah sets her leg but can’t seem to get him to see the importance of getting the vaccine to the fort, even if it will save many lives. Can she trust God to work on Micah’s heart?

Misty Beller begins this book in a powerful way. Her imagery is very strong and evocative to the reader. I was pulled in immediately and my attention never wavered at all during the book. These people endured much during this time of heartache and pain. Prominent in this book is the importance of surrender to God, even when it might mean great pain and even greater heartache. Her characterizations are vivid and her descriptions of the setting are wonderfully done. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Recommended.

*My thanks to Bethany House Publishers for a complimentary copy of this book via Net Galley. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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5 thoughts on “Author Interview, Book Giveaway & Review: ‘Hope’s Highest Mountain’ (Heirs of Montana #1) by Misty Beller”

  1. I just finished this one recently and reviewed it. I really enjoyed the story. Great characters! I love strong female characters. I am definitely going back and pick up some more of Misty’s books. Nice review, Susan!



  2. Susan, thank you for the wonderful review! I’ve not yet had the pleasure of reading Misty’s books.



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