‘Dastardly Deeds’ by Karin Kaufman

About The Book:

The 5th book in the Smithwell Fairies Cozy Mystery Series!

When Angie Palmer asks Kate to find out who’s been stealing from her home, Kate accepts the challenge. After all, it’s a simple matter of theft, nothing she can’t handle, and Angie has conveniently assembled the suspects for tea and pastries in her greenhouse. But Kate’s cut-and-dried investigation takes a deadly turn when one of the suspects is murdered during that tea.

To complicate matters, Kate has agreed to help Minette rid her precious woods of the cruel Hacquetia and her fairy minions, and her best friend’s husband is beginning to suspect that something extraordinary is happening in those Maine woods. Can he be trusted with a secret that will turn his world upside down?

This light, cozy mystery offers a clean read with a female amateur sleuth in a small-town setting. No foul language, sex, gore, or graphic scenes of any kind. It can be read as a standalone, but it will be enjoyed more as part of the series.

About Karin Kaufman

Karin Kaufman grew up devouring murder mysteries, especially of the cozy kind. Give her a good mystery, a comfy couch, and her sweet dog at her side, and she’s in heaven. She’s the author of the Juniper Grove Cozy Mystery Series, the Smithwell Fairies Cozy Mystery Series, and the Anna Denning Mystery Series. The Witch Tree, the first book in her Anna Denning series, was a finalist for a Grace Award. Karin has also written two children’s books, The Adventures of Geraldine Woolkins and More Adventures of Geraldine Woolkins.

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1. Death of a Dead Man
2. Death of a Scavenger
3. At Death’s Door
4. Death of a Santa
5. Scared to Death
6. Cheating Death
7. Death Trap
8. Death Knell
9. Garden of Death
10. Death of a Professor
11. Still as Death (coming in 2019)

1. Dying to Remember
2. Dead and Buried
3. Secret Santa Murder
4. Drop Dead Cold
5. Dastardly Deeds

1. The Witch Tree (Grace Award Finalist)
2. Sparrow House
3. The Sacrifice
4. The Club
5. Bitter Roots

1. The Adventures of Geraldine Woolkins
2. More Adventures of Geraldine Woolkins

My Rating: 4 Stars!

‘I dislike people who consider rudeness a virtue.’

I love Karin Kaufman’s writing. She writes some very, very nice cozy mysteries. Her Juniper Grove Mysteries are amazing as are her Smithwell Fairies mysteries. Kate Brewer, widowed at 40, solves mysteries with the help of a four inch fairy named Minette. So cute! I never guess the culprit, either. She’s very good at what she does. Both Kaufman and Kate. Recommended.

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