Book Review: ‘A Mountain Worth Moving’ by Amanda Mason

About The Book:

Duty caused him to return. Guilt kept him there.
When his youngest brother, Ben, suffers a horrific injury quickly followed by the death of his father, John Mitchell moves home to assume the role as patriarch of the Triple M Ranch. Four hard years have passed since those tragic events and his family seems more fractured than ever. With one brother permanently disabled, another brother bent on causing even more heartache for the family and one of the largest ranches in Northern Montana to run, John has become an expert at pushing emotions to the side and pushing through the misery. Carrying a burden of guilt over his own role in his family’s situation, John vows to protect his family and his ranch by whatever means necessary.

After experiencing her own heartaches, Jill Morgan has dedicated her professional life to providing therapy to traumatic brain injury patients. When she initially meets the Mitchell family, she can’t shake the feeling that God wants her to help them. She begins to wage a battle to admit Ben to the elite therapy program at the hospital where she works. Expecting his family to be thrilled at the prospects of Ben being awarded one of the coveted spots in the program, she is shocked when she is confronted by a gruff and protective John Mitchell.

Determined to prove to the tall, taciturn, cowboy that he is completely wrong about her and her therapy techniques, Jill throws herself completely into Ben’s rehabilitation. Only when Ben doesn’t respond the way she had thought he would, and she gets to know the cowboy behind the rough exterior, Jill begins to think that maybe she was to help both brothers overcome injuries.
John hasn’t allowed himself to feel anything but guilt for four years. He doesn’t think he deserves happiness, but after getting to know Jill, he knows he can no longer deny the feelings he has for her. Convinced that if Jill knew the truth behind his role in his families tragedies, she would hate him, John must decided whether or not to risk his heart for a fleeting moment of happiness. And when heartache threatens to strike the Mitchell family again and John must decide if there is room in his life for both Jill and his responsibilities to his brothers and mother. He must decide if the burden he carries from the last four years is a mountain worth moving.

Publication Date: December 2018

About Amanda Mason

Amanda Mason lives in rural Middle Tennessee with her husband and three children. She loves to write, read, sing when no one is listening and chase after her three active children. Mason is a high school teacher by day and a keyboard warrior by night.

My Rating: 5 Stars:

I saw a review for this book from a blogger I follow and it sounded very good, so I purchased it. I enjoy finding new authors and this one was exceptionally well written, great plot, believable characters, and a strong spiritual element, which I do love.

It features a cowboy and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good cowboy story? Especially a very handsome one? John Mitchell is completely consumed by guilt and has moved home to run the family’s ranch after his youngest brother suffers a traumatic brain injury and his father dies. John believes he is to blame for his brother’s injury and that guilt is never far from his mind. Only a few breaths away, actually. When his mother discovers a new program that could help his brother, John balks and doesn’t think it will work any better than the last four years’ of therapy programs has. But he agrees.
Therapist Jill Morgan feels God is telling her to help Ben Mitchell. She has no idea why, because medically speaking, he has gone as far as he can go. But she gets on board, but soon realizes that Ben is not the only Mitchell in desperate need of help.

Amanda Mason has written a story that grabs the reader’s heart and hangs on; we feel their pain and guilt along with the hope that just maybe there is a happy to grab somewhere along the line. Very well written and thoroughly enjoyed by this reader. I highly recommend it.

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