Is Your Face Radiant?

In this scripture, we see something very important. Moses had spent quite a bit of time with God on the mountain, and it showed in his face. His face was so radiant that the people were even afraid of him at first! In fact, the glory of the Lord on Moses’ face was so strong, he had to put a veil over his features! That is so amazing to me. Everybody, every single person knew Moses had been with the Lord. God was all over him.

When we spend time with the Lord, our faces should reflect that, too. Of course, we’re not going to glow like Moses did, but people should be able to see Jesus in us. All the time, too, not just after prayer and devotions time. I must confess I don’t wear a happy, been with Jesus look on my face all the time. I do want people to see Jesus in me when I am out and about, not a gloomy sourpuss face. How about you? Do you want people to see Jesus in you? Let’s make a decision to let people see that we belong to Christ and let that be evident in our faces.

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