Called But Not Committed: Samson

I love the history books of the Bible! I love history, period. But the wonderful stories in the Old Testament are so fascinating and rich, full of lessons to be learned. Samson’s story was a favorite of my childhood, but as I grew older, I realized there was so much more to his story.

Samson was to be set apart from birth to the Lord. His parents did their part, although they did cave in to his demands once. Samson grew up in church, so to speak, doing the right thing. But as he aged, Samson began to desire things he shouldn’t. He strayed first into lust, then became obsessed with vengeance. He failed to take the call of God on his life seriously. He had a problem with commitment to God. We have to take our relationship with God very seriously. I had an aunt who used to say, ‘Serving the Lord is a serious business.’ That is so very true. Our eternity depends on this. We can’t use God when we need Him and forget about Him when we’re doing well.

This is what Samson did. He pursued his fleshly desires and didn’t commit himself to God’s call on his life. And when he was down to the wire with Delilah pestering him about the secret to his strength, he still forgot about God. On the last go round, when he told her that the secret to his strength lay in his hair, he thought to himself, ‘I’ll just jump up like I did the other times.’ But Samson failed to realize that there are consequences for walking in sin. One of the absolute, if not the, saddest verses in the Bible is, ‘he didn’t realize that the Spirit of the Lord had left him.’ Samson had strayed so far from God’s call on his life, he did not even KNOW the Spirit of the Lord was nowhere near him! How horrible that would be. To not even feel the presence of God in your life anymore! I can’t even begin to imagine that.

I want to stay close to God, so close that I feel His presence every moment of the day. He is just a breath away. I want to be committed! Do you?

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