Praise Wins The Battle

Today I’d like to talk about one of my all time favorite chapters in the Bible: 2 Chronicles 20. It brings me joy every time I read it and that chapter in my Bible is so full of notes and highlights. I love it! It shows us, as believers, how battles can be won in our walk with Christ.

I won’t list the entire chapter here, but I heartily encourage you to read it. It begins with 3 armies coming up against King Jehoshaphat of Israel. Now Israel had no power to beat these guys and they knew it. But the king knew what to do. In verse 3, we read that he resolved to inquire of the Lord. This is exactly what we should do when troubles come our way. Instead of wringing our hands in despair and telling everyone our problems, take it to God. He also called a fast for all Israel. Sometimes we must fast, bringing our flesh into submission and pouring our hearts out to God during that time.

King Jehoshaphat then prayed in front of all the people and reminded God of all His promises to His people through the years. He also told God they had no power to fight this vast army that was attacking them. And one of my favorite verses follows: ‘We don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on You.’ Praise His name! We can take anything to Jesus! Anytime! Don’t stress about it. Just take it to God.

Then God answered the prayers of His people and told them to not be afraid, not to stress, but to just stand still because this battle was God’s. Furthermore, He told them that this was not their battle, but His! You see, as a child of God, your battles are God’s because He cares for you! He is on your side! He will fight for you! When the enemy comes at you, He will have to go through God to get to you. And that’s never going to happen. The glory of the Lord is your rear guard!

But notice something in verse 17: Even though God told them it was His battle, He also told them to take up their positions and stand firm. We can’t just lolly gag around and wait on God to do everything and keep trouble away from us all the time. We must be prepared to fight. We have to put on our armor and take up that position and carry our weapons. Read Ephesians 6 to find out what those weapons are. What God is telling them here is: Be ready! Be alert! Take up your place!

Then, we see what won this battle. God gave them instructions on how to proceed. They didn’t send out the warriors with all their weapons at the head of the army. No, they sent praisers first! Those willing to lift their voices to God in praise and glorify His name! And guess what? They had victory! God set ambushes against the armies and they turned on and destroyed each other! The men of Israel did not have to lift one single weapon! And it took them 3 days to carry off all the plunder from the battle!

So next time you have a trial or burden, resolve to follow the precepts listed in this chapter. Seek God, stand firm, take up your position, ready to fight if need be , and start praising God! Because even in the midst of the most difficult trial, you can always find something to praise God for! (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

If you have time, I’d love to hear in the comments how God delivered you in a battle.

3 thoughts on “Praise Wins The Battle”

  1. Congrats Susan. We will miss you but wish you God’s blessings in your new venture. This post was most encouraging! I have been trying to “ follow” you . It finally worked this morning!


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