Praying For Myself

I used to feel so guilty about praying for myself. Seriously. I had several chronic conditions that, while not life threatening, caused a lot of pain when they flared. I’d feel so bad about asking God to help me or take away the pain. I have no idea why I felt that way, but I felt selfish asking Him to help me. Sort of like I had the ‘gimmies.’ Then one day I happened upon this verse and it was like the V8 commercial where the person gets bopped upside the head. I guess God decided I needed a bop upside my head. When I prayed for myself, I honored and brought glory to Him! Let me tell you, that was an eye opener. No longer did I feel guilty asking God to help me. With anything. After all, that’s what He’s there for!

4 thoughts on “Praying For Myself”

  1. Susan, I love that you shared this. I too have always had trouble praying for myself. I would think of all of the other people who were far worse off than me. I’d feel guilty about taking time praying for myself. Then someone shared with me about the air masks that pop down in case of an emergency on a plane. If you don’t use the mask first, the person you want to save will not get the help they need if you aren’t strong enough first to help them. This was an eye opener to me. By praying to our Father about our aches, problems first, we clear our minds to pray more focused.


    1. Amen, Terry. I never hesitate anymore to pray for myself. I know there are countless others much worse off than me, but Tom tells me this is my pain. So I pray. I hope you will follow my blog. I prayed about it a lot before I started it. There is much to learn about blogging yet, but I hope to eventually make a pretty good go at it. I will share book reviews and spiritual insights.


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